Thursday, March 5, 2009

Karmic Revenge

Remember the last post?  I think Aiden read it because this week, he dished out some karmic revenge.  I went out for the day leaving Dada and Baba to hang out together for some father-son bonding time.  At one point Lac went down to the garage to toss out a diaper, a task that takes less than two full minutes, and Aiden pulled a trick out of his hat that we had never seen.  He locked the door leading down to the garage.  So, Aiden was in the house by himself and Lac was in the garage below unable to get in.  The front door was locked too.  

Did you lock the door, Baba? - Lac called from the other side.  He heard our little angle giggle and run off to play with his toys.  Aiden was fully aware of what was happening.  

The stage was set for a pretty bad situation buuuuut Lac luckily had his house keys in his pocket and was able to let himself in through the front door.  

 The moral of the story is that you have to be careful around those toddlers.  They are the biggest wild card of all because they grow and change so fast it's hard to keep up with what they are capable of doing....

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