Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time Flies

We've been missing the last couple of months....busy looking for a new home, finding one, packing, moving, unpacking, getting ready for a new baby and enjoying our beautiful family. But there's no better time to come back on line than to celebrate Baba's 3rd birthday.

Our little boy is getting bigger and bigger and even though we make every effort to savor each moment, time is still flying by too fast. At 3 Aiden delights and surprises us daily. He loves music and will sit for over an hour (no joke) playing DJ. He's constantly asking me to "Burn a new CD with Farmer in the Dell...." (insert new favorite song). He also loves legos and has started creating his own cars and trucks. He knows exactly what pieces he needs and isn't satisfied with anything else. He especially loves decorating all surfaces with lights and proudly shows off his "supped" up creation. He's funny and he's a rascal. Long ago he figured out that some things fly with Dada that wont fly with Mama and he doesn't hesitate to play jokes on his father. At the end of each day Lac and I settle down and look at each other with amazement and say this beautiful boy has done VooDoo magic on our hearts.

Happy Birthday Baba! Here are some pictures of his birthday celebration.

BFF Hope

Kissing cousin Ethan

who was very taken with Dada

Auntie Elena's insanely cool cupcake extravaganza.

Not so little anymore....