Sunday, October 28, 2007

Neck Flubbers - A Fullproof Recipe for a Perfect Smile

Before flubber - Aiden is his normal wide-eyed glorious self.

Neck flubber

Wait 5 seconds.......Smile!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Story telling

To ensure that Aiden would pick up the reading bug from his Mom and not get afflicted by any of his Dad's ADD, we decided to start reading to him while he was still in the womb. Our hope was that he'd be very excited to indulge in story telling as soon as he came out. Until very recently, we hadn't had much success, and the dude's attention span was leaning towards his paternal side. He could barely make it through a couple of pages of 'Midnight Moon' without getting bored. Obviously this did not bode well for his scholastic forecast. Fortunately, things have started to turn around, and he's suddenly showing a lot of interest in reading. A couple of nights ago he actually made it through three books, 'Midnight Moon', 'TheRunaway Bunny' & 'The very hungry Caterpillar'.

He has even started mimicking dad's crazy expressions. Here he is doing 'fly bunny bird'& 'wind blowing the bunny sailboat'

Start 'em Early

In an effort to get Aiden pulling his own weight, Daddy started some on the job training which Aiden took very seriously.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Up until 2 weeks ago, Aiden's best friends in the whole wide world were getting more than their fair share of smiles. Mommy was getting a little bit jealous. I understand why Aiden thinks Mr. Sun is super cool....he sings and changes colors. Mommy only sings...sort of. But Mr. Fan? He only gets adoration when he's doing absolutely nothing.... Meet Mr. Fan and Mr. Sun.

Mr. Fan

Mr. Sun

The last 2 weeks have been exciting. Aiden is smiling more than ever and with a little effort, you are almost always guaranteed a smile.

Here's Mommy getting a well earned smile by making some funny sounds. Thank you Aiden!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Take a Hike!

When Aiden's a bit cranky, there are three things that will change his mood for the better, boobs, bath or a short walk. He especially likes going on hikes. There are a few trails pretty close to where we live and one of our favorites is the Tom Sawyer trail that skirts the Crystal springs reservoir in the peninsula. There's a little bit of everything on this trail and Aiden seems quite curious to check out the outdoors.