Friday, March 6, 2009

Higher Up - Move over Bollywood

It took me so long to recover from our trip to India that I didn't end up posting much about it so you might find old posts from December popping up randomly.  

This one is about Aiden and Mahduri grooving to some catchy Indian rock music.  Mahduri is Granny's (a.k.a Maizine's) maid and was very enamoured with Aiden but didn't really know how to show it.  She did, however, teach Aiden some Indian gems that I never would have thought to teach him like how to shake his bangles, call in the chickens, and blow his nose country style (first into your hand but then quickly flick it out - thanks Mahduri).  On our family trip to the Spice Plantation, she also taught him his first Bollywood moves.

In this first video you see Mahduri teach Baba the dance moves to a song called Higher Up (the words are in Hindi but the chorus is all English and in a nut shell is just the repetition of the phrase Higher Up over and over and over again).

These second two are Baba doing the move and I had to post both because I just can't pick between them.  In one he tries to sing the song at the end, so cute, and in the other he dances with Dada as the whole family watches.  

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