Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Rig

Have we mentioned that Aiden is into cars and trucks? I find myself telling people this and they nod in a "but of course...he's a boy" kind of way. When they do that, I know they just don't get it. He's obsessed. Aiden can spend the afternoon walking around the neighborhood trying to open the door to any vehicle he can reach and call it a good day. On his rounds, he'll touch the tires and the lights of each car and identify them. He knows the difference between a police car, a mail truck, a fire truck, a van, a mini- van, a pick-up truck, an SUV, a car transporter, an excavator, I could go on but I can't keep them straight myself. Beemer and Thunderbird are the new additions to his car vocabulary. Each new place we visit is sized up based on it's qualifications as a race course for whatever 4 wheeler happens to be in his pocket.

On our recent trip to OC for cousin Monique's wedding there were a couple of big rigs parked outside our hotel. Ask Aiden and he'll tell you that was the coolest part of the trip. He wanted to drive those big rigs the moment he saw them. When no one was looking we let Aiden climb all over the trucks. Here we are "sneaking" the big rigs.

It wasn't good enough though. He wanted to DRIVE them. The next day, when we saw big burly men working on the trucks, fixing them up for their next journey. Dada and I looked at each other as if to ask the question.....Your son dreams of driving a big rig. Do you have the cajones to ask them if he can? Neither of us did.

Enter Aiden's super hot Auntie Helena. We didn't hesitate to send our precious little one down with her to ask those men if he could drive a big rig. We watched from the safety of our 4th floor window to see what happened. There was talking, laughing, and then there was DRIVING!

Dada's worst nightmare!

The backstory on this is that somehow I've been branded a "tree-hugging hippy" by my husband.  While I've always sort of wished that I were a "tree hugging hippy", I'm sorry to say that my spirit isn't free enough and my politics aren't active enough to fit the bill.  However, it does look like Aiden is off to a good start.  While a Ardenwood Historic Farm for friend Hope's birthday, he and Alicia decided (on their own) that the tree needed some hugging.