Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blue Angel

Aiden was on cloud nine during a recent trip to the Hiller Aviation Museum. You have to wonder why it took us so long to take him there since we live near SFO and have the luxury hearing each and every airplane land and take off. Aiden is particularly appreciative of our prime location and "airplane" was his first word (well technically, it was a sign).

One of his favorite parts of the visit was getting to sit in the cockpit of a Blue Angel fighter jet....

AND a 747!

Here is a priceless video of Aiden as a Blue Angel fighter pilot. It's a shame the sound quality is so bad. Listen closely and you'll hear Mama and Dada spar over what the Blue Angles actually do.

The video ends before Mama and Dada are done so you'll just have to imagine the ending....Dada changes his story so the fire button drops chocolates instead of bombs. Mama and Dada have had endless laughs over this video. In 1:03 minutes it pretty much captures our relationship.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's the minimum age again ?

Before anyone calls child services on us, I'd just like to clarify that there is no alcohol involved here. It's just that when we go to our local sushi place, the first thing that he asks for is a shot glass. He liked drinking miso soup out of it. Go figure!

Easter Sunday at Quita's

Easter Sunday was spent at Quita's place with the family. We dyed a bunch of Easter eggs using all sorts of natural dyes prepared by different folks. Aiden of course wanted to lend his artistic talents to the occasion but we had to convince him that it would have to wait a couple of years or else he could have some semi permanent tattoos from the dyes. 

As usual there was a beautiful spread put together by Quita with contributions from everyone else to keep our tummies from grumbling. Before we could feast on the food we had the star attraction of the day, an Easter egg hunt exclusively for Aiden. This was far different from the other hunts that he had participated in during the week. Quita wanted to make sure that this was one time no one was going to steal eggs from her beloved grandson. If anything there were half a dozen people folks prodding him along. He had a great time with eggs big and small and he couldn't believe his luck when one of them accidentally cracked open and cheddar bunnies popped out of it. That of course meant that the surviving eggs would meet a violent death.

Uncle Jonathan came over a little late after finishing his shift at work and was treated to a wonderful cocktail prepared by Mom. She told him that we had prepared a special Easter cocktail to celebrate the rebirth and that he had to guess the ingredients. He took us for our word, had a few sips and started guessing the ingredients one by one as if he were tasting a fine wine. We had to stop him after a few sips because our guilt conscience got the better of us. The drink was a mix of all the natural dyes we had made and had everything from spinach, beets, grapes, blueberries, red onions, yellow onions, coffee & turmeric. After he found out what it was Jonathan took a few more sips.  Only Jonathan could have pulled that off!