Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chelsea's Wedding

We just got back from Spokane Washington where we celebrated Chelsea and Rob's beautiful wedding. Aiden has a blast and spent more time dancing at the rehearsal dinner than we did. It was there that Aiden found Chelsea, the bride, and proceeded to follow her around everywhere treating her to the splits and other dance moves. He was smitten.

When we finally turned in for the night he said "More party" softly between yawns. He was in luck, the wedding was right around the corner. I don't think Aiden had as much fun at the wedding....he had to wait way too long to see Chelsea. When he did, DadA said, "look there's Chelsea. She's wearing a beautiful white dress." "Take it off" Baba said.

OK, at this point I have to admit that my adorable little boy has a bit of a bossy side. I have no idea where he gets that. He's not fond of glasses, sweaters, hats and apparently wedding dresses....even on other people.

Back to our story. We explained that only Rob gets to take off Chelsea's wedding dress and whisked him away before the wedding got scandalized.

That was last weekend.

Today over dinner, Dada was reminiscing with Baba about the wedding and laughing about how Baba had wanted to take off Chelsea's dress. Baba came right back at him with "Rob do it".

I guess he got the message.

Over here Joy, dance with me!

Playing with Dada

Who taught Aiden to make that funny face?


Playing at the Spokane children's museum.


Quita got this mini guitar for Baba and he loves that its just his size. Now he and Dada can play together.