Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coming Back Soon

When Lac and I go out on date night, Aiden verifies with us that we're coming back. "Coming back soon?". "Yes, we're coming back soon" we say. "After my nap" he'll say. He'll stand at the window and wave to us as we walk to the car. "After my nap" is sort of a catch-all for anything he wants to happen soon. Often its used when he wants to drink juice and he's already had some (he's only allowed one a day). So, he'll say, "I'll have juice soon, after my nap".

Lately, Quita has been taking Aiden out on weekly dates. They go to Fairyland, the Discovery Museum, the Zoo, the park..... Today, she brought him a Lightning McQueen lunchbox (a.k.a. Litna MaCaKeen) to carry his lunch during their date. As they were leaving I said "Aiden, I'm going to wave to you from the window." I stood there watching my little boy carry his lunch box down the stairs and walk to the car. He didn't look back to wave so I knocked on the window waved to him and signed I love you. Aiden turned around waved back and said, "I'm coming back soon!" "After my nap!" I said.

Here are some pictures from their adventure today....