Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Dada!

Dada's birthday is just a few days away so I've been trying to get some hints from Baba about what he would like to give Dada as a gift. Every time I ask him he answers the same way. The conversation goes something like this....

Me: Baba, Dada's birthday is coming up...What should we get him?
Baba: A truck!
Me: You think Dada would like a truck?
Baba: Yes!
Me: What kind of truck should we get him?
Baba: A dump truck!

We've had the same conversation a couple of times because I keep thinking I'll get a different answer. No luck. So am I'm ruining the surprise by posting this before Dada's B-day?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Body Talk

There's been a lot of body talk around here lately. Both because Aiden's getting to a stage where he's more curious about his own body (and ours) and because we're trying to prepare him for the baby coming this summer. We've been having where-did-I-come-from conversations and about a month ago I showed him an amazing book about fetal development with photographs of every stage. I showed him pictures of sperm and an egg and told him these were parts of the Mama and Dada that come together to make a baby. Then we didn't talk about it again for a long time.

Last night Baba asked Dada to read him the baby development book. I overhead them from the other room and Baba was explaining to Dada.....This is an egg. It's for making a baby....Not for eating.

Also last night, I went out so Baba and Dada were on their own. Baba was missing me and said, Mama, hold me! Dada said, OK I'll hold you. Baba gave him an I'm-not-stupid look and said "Where's your pepet??" (That's vagina for those of you who are not up to speed on Konkani slang.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm pregnant!

Even though it would have been an accurate statement coming from me, I wasn't the one who shouted "I'm pregnant!" at the dinner table the other night. It was Baba showing off a napkin crumpled under his shirt. He was delighted to finally have a bump on his tummy like mine. Dada and I took turns feeling the "baby" in his tummy kick and admiring how quickly it had grown. At one point I asked him how the baby was going to come out and he said through his popot (penis in Konkani).

It was so funny I ended up taking lame, out of focus pictures instead of the video I wanted. By the time I figured out the error, Aiden was on to us and when we asked him "what's in your tummy?" he said "a napkin!" Duh!