Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bike, helmet.......Off

If we have learnt anything about Aiden since he came into existence it's that he likes the least amount of clothes on him. It could be freezing outside but he will fight his darnedest to get away with not wearing a jacket. It's the same thing when the sun is out in full force. He absolutely hates wearing a cap. We have tried many ways of convincing him, but he won't fall for any of the tricks. His preference is to wear the minimum amount of clothing that is necessary to survive. In fact if we let him, he'd be perfectly happy to run around naked all day regardless of the weather outside. About the only time he makes an exception is when he wants to go for a bike ride. We recently got the iBert for him and he absolutely loves it. I think it's because he feels like he's in control since he's in front. He likes checking out all that passes by and will call out the different car types and colors. He also loves to ring his little bell. Initially he tried to resist wearing the helmet or jacket but was easily convinced that it was a case of either or. He understood very quickly that if he wanted to go for a ride, his noggin had to be protected. He will keep asking for more every time I try to pull back into the garage after a ride. And when he knows that the ride's really over for the day, the first thing he'll say even before the bike's been parked is 'Off'. That's to tell us that the helmet and jacket need to come off ASAP. The spring weather is here now and we should have a lot more fun bike rides in store for him. Fortunately there are a lots of beautiful trails all along the San Francisco bay and we can reach some of them without getting into a car.

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  1. I love it! Eliana and Aiden are so much alike. We call her our little nudie romper. She loves to be naked and shoeless. Winter in MD was a big shock. :) Also love the Ibert, we just got a second one so the whole family can bike together.
    Love, The Wong Family