Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My little man was so brave during his stay at the hospital. He didn't complain even though he had a crazy huge IV-lock for 2 days.

This was also the first time Baba and I had been separated for so long. During our visit we only saw each other for 2 hours each day. Its amazing to think I can still say that after 3 years. Lac and I can't even say that about each other.

Aiden was really worried about Sol and about my not coming home.

A friend told me about a ritual where you give a kiss for them to store in their pockets for later. I'm so grateful for this idea. It really helped both of us be able to say goodbye. Here I'm giving Aiden a good night kiss for each pocket. He told me he planned to put them on his knees.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pancake Breakfast

A gem from 2 months ago. Aiden helped me make blueberry pancakes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We interrupt this program....

We've been slacking in the blogging department. Mostly because we've been enjoying the boys and figuring out how to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4. But....we've also had some health scares that really distracted us.

First the boys were exposed to Pertussis, not a huge deal for Aiden but extremely serious for Sol. In the end, tests showed that they never had it; however, before we got the results, there were hundreds of dollars in visits to 3 different doctors, lot's of internet research, sobering moments, and preventative treatment. Phew!

Then last week....Sol took us for another ride. It started with high fevers and the nursing hotline telling us to get a move on over to the emergency room. Lac and I often talk about how lucky we are that we haven't had to take either one of the boys in yet and he teases me about whether I have the stuff to make the trip. Now we know.

At the emergency room, little Sol clocked a fever of well over 103, nearing 104. Not what you want to see in a little guy only 2 months old. They immediately started checking for meningitis. Not what you want to hear when you're a parent. Our little guy was such a champ and did an amazing job of tolerating all the poking and prodding he was getting, and there were a lot pokes. We got some experience learning the system and trying to advocate for our family. They don't tell you you have choices; you have to find that out for yourself. It took us a while to figure out we could bypass emergency room staff and bring in people more experienced with a newborn.

Then we were transfered to CPMC in San Francisco and spent 2 days on their pediatric floor with more testing. In the end, Sol turned out to have a raging bladder and kidney infection. Preliminary testing shows that he may have a structural problem in the drainage from his kidney to his bladder on the left side meaning this is far from over. For now we're at home recovering from all the testing. Once the infection is gone, there will be more.