Monday, February 16, 2009

Graffiti Goan Style

Every time I hear a new story about Lac's childhood, I get a little bit more nervous.  Let's just say he was a rascal.  Could that mischievous quality be genetically passed to Baba?  If not, do I have to worry about karma?  Story after story have piled up.  Actually, the stories haven't really stopped....not much has changed in the last 30 years.  

Anyhow, our trip to India revealed a new adventure I hadn't heard about which was made all the more delicious by physical proof, let's call it Graffiti Goan Style.

The artist is none other than 10 year old Chocolate-Daddy and the hiroglyphics boil down to this:  Squatters' Mama you own many coconut trees.

"Mama" is Lac's departed grandmother (that's actually what they call her).  The canvas is Mama's front door.  A stick covers the word "Aba" which refers to the squatters who had set up house on Mama's property in a derogatory way.   The coconuts refer to Mama's status as a property owner.

Mama was not at all happy with the new decorations on her front door but I find it really interesting that she didn't paint over them.  Was Mama rolling in laughter at her grandson's antics when he wasn't looking?

P.S:  The squatters are still there. 

Friday, February 6, 2009


Warning:  There are shower-related stories in this post!

Lac and I are learning the hard way that we just can't say anything we want these days.  At 18 months, Aiden has turned into a little parrot.  Sometimes he just needs to hear a word once and it becomes a regular in his lexicon.  That usually happens with the words we wished we hadn't said.  

The other day, as I was carrying Aiden to bed, we passed Lac getting out of the shower and I said, "ooh sexy" in passing (really, I swear).  Big mistake.  Aiden repeated my remark; his version was much cuter.  Oh no!  I stifled my giggle and whisked him off to bed.  10 minutes later, Lac came into the room to finish getting dressed and Aiden, unprompted said "Sessy".  Sigh...

Aiden learned the word "tattoo" in much the same way.  Now my secret is out.  It was me getting out of the shower this time.  He pointed to my rear (yes it's true) and asked in classic Aiden "this?"  I said matter of factly, "oh that's mama's tattoo".  If you don't make a big deal about it, it just blows over.  Right?  Wrong!  Tattoo is quickly becoming one of Aiden's favorite words.  He likes to say it and point to my rear.  For the record, he puts the accent on the first syllable.  

Totally unrelated cute photo courtesy of Grandpa.