Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Man

Aiden is so good at walking these days that its rare to see him crawl.  He proudly paces up and down, up and down.  At Barbara and Alvin's baby shower, I followed him around thinking he'd eventually tire out.  It never happened and I finally pulled up a chair in the middle of the room and watched him from there.

In these pictures, he looks like a little boy and not a baby.  It happened so fast, I'm still not sure where my baby went.

Heat Wave!

Today was hot!

Trying to cool down with Auntie Pamela.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aunties and Uncles: Multi-part series

Aiden is blessed with no less than 6.5 aunties and 5 uncles.  Sadly most of them live far away.  This summer we have been lucky enough to have a steady stream of uncles and aunties come to the bay area for a visit.  We're have great pictures of Aiden getting to know his family but are so behind on sharing them that this post is only the beginning of the uncle and auntie series.  

It all started with Uncle Rick who visited from Philly in June.  Uncle Jonathan and almost-auntie Ashley from So-Cal where there too.  They were so taken by Aiden that they decided to move north....Ummmm, so it didn't quite happen like that but Jonathan and Ashley ARE temporarily living just a bridge away in Marin.  We encourage the other uncles and aunties to do the same though they probably shouldn't all move in with Grandpa.

Diaper changes are way more fun with personal baby entertainers.

Hanging out with Grandpa by the pool.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aiden and Hope Swing Together

Another night of insomnia leaves me looking at pictures of beautiful Baba because I just don't get to spend enough time with him during the day (hysterical stay-at-home mom joke which you might not get if you aren't one).  I love this picture from a month or two ago and never posted it.  Their heads look so big on those little bodies...and they are so excited to be swinging.  These days, there are few things Aiden loves more.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Play group friend Lauren took this photograph of Aiden today.  Aside from being very cute, the neatest thing about this picture is its name...AidenTooth.JPEG.   I do believe this is the first picture we have of Aiden's tooth which arrived a little over a week ago.  Thanks Lauren!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Remember when Aiden was just a few hours old...

This is Aiden ONE YEAR (!!!!) and a few hours old!

It boggles my mind to think that its been a year since he was born and forever changed our lives. A whole year! Those of you paying attention will realize that he actually turned a year a week and a half ago....a whole year! We had a picnic party to celebrate and many of his play group friends joined us for a sort of super play group in the park. Aiden had a great time and his first party was a smashing success....except for the part where a group of Iraqi women infiltrated our reserved site. Uncle Jonathan and Grandpa diplomatically worked things out but my karma probably took a hit when I arrived 5 minutes before the party started to see them still using the grill....but it was my baby's birthday and he was turning a whole year old!

Before I degenerate into are pics from Aiden's very first birthday...

This picture is of Quita holding Aiden while he wears a traditional Indian outfit sent by Granny all the way from Goa. Though he looks adorable in the kurtha, he was decidedly NOT fond of it which is why Aiden did not wear this outfit to his party....

Happy Birthday Aiden....we love you!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Signing Time

We've been trying to teach Aiden a few basic signs for a while now (although not very religiously). We attended a baby sign language workshop a while ago that got us going. Aiden's favorite and so far only TV show (gasp!) is this show called 'Signing Time' that runs on a public broadcasting channel. Every time the host of the show, Rachel is on, Aiden drops everything that he's doing and starts blushing. There are lots of small kids on the show, but he seems to have this thing for older women. We are hoping that he grows of of it soon.

He's been recognizing basic signs for a while now, but it's only recently that he's started actually signing himself. The first sign that he learnt was 'More'. And then he added quite a few more like 'All done', 'Eat', 'Bye', 'Change diaper' etc. A sign that he learnt very early on was 'Airplane'. We live right next to the airport so that sign gets a lot of play. He even does it in the middle of the night when he's half asleep and trying to doze off. Nowadays he copies a lot of the signs that we do, and his latest favorite these days is 'Truck'. For some reason, he doesn't do the 'Milk' sign, but that could be because being a man, he prefers the more visual approach of showing his infatuation with breasts :)

Here he is doing 'More', All Done' & 'Airplane'.

Lately, a more common occurrence at the dinner table is the most adorable thing that I've seen him do. After he's had his fill, he gets really excited to feed 'Mommy'. As you can tell he has her eating out of his hands. Not that we needed a picture to prove that.