Monday, April 28, 2008

Assisted walking

At a very early age Aiden had wanted to stand on his little feet. We were advised by everyone around us not to encourage that behaviour lest he damage his feeble frame. But it's not exactly like we had much of a say on what he wanted to do. He's an independent little baby and is very set in his ways. Not sure where he gets that from :) He's at 9 months now and still does not crawl but just in the last couple of days the kid has found out that he can actually walk with some assistance. Now he just can't help himself and any chance he gets he wants to practice his walking.

Swing time!

Mommy and Baba go on a walk pretty much everyday to the local park a few blocks away. He gets all excited when mommy wears the baby carrier cause he knows that it's time to get out of the house. There's a kids play area in the park and his favorite new thing to do is to get on the swing

Saturday, April 19, 2008

World Cuisine

Friday we were tired, uninspired and didn't want to make dinner. It was 5pm and Baba was already fussy and ready to start thinking about bed. No one was in a good mood. Mommy and Daddy, in what appeared to be a complete lapse in logic, decided to go out to dinner as a family. Our favorite Sushi restaurant is two blocks away so we figured if there was a melt down we could just grab dinner to go. In a surprising turn of events we had the most wonderful family dinner ever, actually it was our first family dinner ever (Aiden is only eating solids for breakfast and lunch these days). There's something about having dinner together that really gives you that we're-a-family feeling.

I actually feel emotional about it, he was such a big boy. He did a lot of people watching and was very curious about the other kids he saw. We fed him with chopsticks, a first. He acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. When he wanted food, he turned to look at us instead of using his pterodactyl call which is an at-home favorite. It was the first time he had non-mommy prepared food and he loved it. One the menu: those little tofu cubes in the miso soup, tamago (egg and rice sushi) and, here's the real shocker, AVOCADO. I swear, it really happened.

Here's a totally unrelated picture of Baba finger-painting with oatmeal.

Finally - the Easter Bunny Arrives!

More pictures from Easter posted late because they are just so cute. All are taken by (my) Mom (aka Quita). We're so glad she left her camera after her last visit so we could download these!

Not my idea...but Aiden suffered the Bunny indignities well and he does happen to be the cutest Easter Bunny I ever saw.

Having a very serious conversation with Quita

Chillin' with Auntie Helena, Quita and Mama

I love this picture because he has that fun-loving rascal look and I'm giving him my wait-what's-going-on-here mama look. I have a feeling this will be repeated again and again.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Dinosaur

In the last couple of weeks, Aiden has found his voice and decided to use it to get things done his way. He has suddenly become very expressive and does not mince words when he wants to get his message across. This is especially true when it's feeding time. He has not yet heard of the words, "Patience grasshopper". Whoever is feeding him has exactly 2 seconds to get the food from the plate to his his mouth before he lets out the loudest screech a mammal his size can make. He also wants to do everything himself which includes trying to feed himself with a spoon. The other thing that he's discovered is the force of gravity. Suddenly, things hitting the floor are a lot of fun except off course when it's his own noggin.