Saturday, December 15, 2007

In defense of a game called cricket

It is the destiny of every Indian man to love a sport called cricket. Being only half Indian, Aiden will, one day, have to make a decision that will determine the course of his life- to cricket or not to cricket. This is not something to be taken lightly in the Stoddard-De Souza household. Daddy thinks nothing of waking up at 6 am and driving over an hour to play cricket (this is someone who thinks 8 am is *very* early) or waking up at 4 (am!) to watch someone else on the other side of the world play it. Mommy is not nearly as enthusiastic and can't understand the draw of a game that takes 5 days to play especially if, after all that time, they still can't always figure out who won.

What will Aiden do? Recently Daddy took us to hang out with his cricket friends at their yummy restaurant 'Cupertino Bakery' and they bribed him with hugs, a tour of the kitchen and fancy cakes.

You expect me to play what? It takes how long?

But cricket players get to eat cake during the tea break!

Now you're talking!

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  1. "to cricket or not to cricket" is a million $$ question. Pls. don't put words into baba's mouth :) & post them on the blog. Give him a few more years - he can be posting on his OWN blog. Thank you guys for sharing it with the cricket folks