Thursday, December 6, 2007

The boys on their own

Over the thanksgiving weekend, the boys decided to give Mommy a break for a couple of hours. (Actually we were literally kicked out of the house, but we won't get into specifics). It wasn't the best of days for anything outdoors, so we started off thinking that we'd just go to the neighborhood mall and hang out. It's not something that Daddy enjoys doing, but we both thought, heck, why not give people watching a shot ? But as soon as we pulled into the parking lot it was immediately apparent that we didn't pick the best weekend for this activity. So we turned around and headed off to the nearest trail called "San Andreas Trail" off Skyline boulevard in San Bruno. We stopped at this bench to make sure that Aiden was all bundled up and off we went on the 4 mile hike.

Aiden likes being outdoors so much that he falls asleep as soon as we get started. There were a few horses along the trail, but he slept right through it. The trail passes close to San Andreas reservoir and provides beautiful view points.

By the time we got done, we were out for more than a couple of hours and he was all rested and happy. Here he is sporting a hat sent to him all the way from Edinburgh by 'Aunty Desterin'. Mommy got a chance
to reload and she was very happy to have her boys back

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