Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baba's first Christmas

Baba had a very busy, eventful and merry Christmas. He spent almost the entire weekend at Grandma's with the family and a few close friends. It was great to have the entire family get together for the first time since Rick & Elena's wedding in September. There was lots of yummy food and loads of fun to to be had all through the weekend.

He got to spend a lot of quality time with everyone and from what we could tell, he looked like he was having fun. He enjoyed being constantly carried around, serenaded to and generally fussed over by everyone, can't blame the kid. Here he is playing with Aunties Helena & Elena.

Grandpa and Grandma made sure that he got his fair share of spoiling over the weekend as well.

With the rest of the family keeping him well entertained, Mommy & Daddy got some well deserved time off

He seemed pretty excited when it was time to open the presents. Need I say that in the presents department, he beat everyone else hands down. In fact I would venture to say that it was not even a contest. His favorite presents seemed to be these characters from Sesame street. Bert, Ernie & Big bird have since become a regular cast of his bedtime routine. Mommy and Daddy will need to take some classes on ventriloquism.

But his absolute favorite moment was at the end of the weekend when Uncle Jon decided to go absolutey bonkers on him. He could not for the life of him understand what his uncle was up to. He does this thing when he gets really excited, buckles his knees and goes up and down.

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