Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aiden gets a glimpse of what awaits him in the dating world

The other day Barbara invited the Harveys and us over for brunch. As usual there was enough yummy food to feed a small island nation. I stuffed myself silly with more bacon than I've had in the entire year. We put the kids down on the floor to let them play. This was the first time that Aiden & Bailey had been together, so we were all curious to see how this new relationship would pan out. Bailey seemed very excited to pay with the new boy and couldn't stop chuckling. But for some reason Aiden was holding back a bit. It was almost like he had a sixth sense of things to come.
As time progressed, he slowly warmed up to the new chick in his life and there was a little more interaction. He began playing with Baileys toys and things started looking up.

Bailey even pulled out some tricks out of her bag to impress the boy. She was especially good with this trick that could be called "Smother myself with a blanket'. All signs pointed to lots of fun play dates in their future.....

But suddenly she discovered Aiden's irresistible ears and decided that they needed a little bit of tweaking to improve his listening ability or something. This was Aiden's first glimpse of what awaits him in the dating world. We hope that he has a short memory and that the next play date would be a fresh start :)

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