Monday, January 12, 2009

Outsourcing playtime

Our next destination was Bangalore, the outsourcing capital of the western world, to visit with the Quadros'. This was Aiden's first experience with what it must be like to live in a true community setting in India. The Quadros' being very popular wherever they go have a ton of friends and that means a ton of kids running around the place. Most of the kids were older to Aiden so he was like their new toy. He particulary bonded with this one boy from the neighborhood. He followed him all over the place copying his every move. Cousin Kiara let him play with all the other kids but kept a good eye on him and made sure everyone knew exactly who had first dibs on him. She also gave him his first piano one on one lesson. We had a bunch of people over one day for a party and it being the Christmas season, everyone sat around and sang carols.

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