Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hooray for Chaddis !!!

If you ask Aiden what is one of his favorite memories from the India trip, I am sure he would say being able to go native every now and then. Since most floors are made of ceramic tiles and there's no carpets to worry about, it's a lot easier to let them go without diapers. Parents in India use chaddis (briefs) when they are potty training the kids. The chaddis help provide a little bit of protection, especially so with the boys (or else the ceiling would get sprayed) but at the same time it helps air the babies' bottoms a bit. One day Aunty Baizin decided to try Nathan's chaddis (briefs) on him. It took him a little while to get used to it, but after a while he loved it. Having never been without diapers before, he had never experienced the feeling of pee running down his legs. So, naturally, he was a bit perturbed the first time it happened. His cousins Christian & Nathan did their best to demonstrate to him how it's done by pointing their popots towards a tree and peeing. Christian especially had an endless amount of pee and could pee on demand.
Here's Aiden dressed in chaddis doing Ring around the roses with his cousins. It's one of his favorite ways to play and since returning back to the States it's normal fare for him to get Mommy & Daddy into the act.

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