Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cousins are kewl

If you ask Aiden what's the one thing that he misses most about India he'd probably say hanging out with his cousins. He'd wake up early morning and go straight for the first victim making sure they knew it was time to wake up and play with him. He has a lot of friends in the US from his playgroup but none that live with him. So for him this was like having a playgroup at home all the time. All his cousins are older than him and he liked playing with all of them. But his favorite was Nathan, the one most closest to him in age. At first Nathan was not too excited about him. He probably thought who's this new punk stealing my thunder, but by the end of the trip Nathan warmed up to him and they were good buddies.
Here's a video of him roughhousing with Christian & Nathan. His aunties trying to be protective of him can be heard in the background asking the older kids to be gentle with him, but you can make your own judgement as to who needs the protection.

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