Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Very Best Part of my Day

The very best part of my day is right before Aiden goes to bed.  Lac comes home in the evening and takes Aiden for his bath and bed time routine.   The whole thing takes 30 minutes.  After he's been bathed and dressed, my little boy comes running out to see me as if he hasn't seen me in forEVER.  It's so cute and makes my heart melt every time.  Even cuter is his new winter look...Dada pulls his socks up to his knees.  The thing that breaks my heart is every once in a while, when I'm not home, Aiden comes running out and is so perplexed when he doesn't see me.  Actually I've been told he gets a WTF look on his face.  This happened the other day even though he walked me out to the car and saw me drive away.  So sweet.....

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