Saturday, October 11, 2008


This video was taken a month ago at the SF Lindy Exchange.  It's Aiden's first time dancing.  Now he loves to dance every time he hears music.  

You'll see him falling a lot which is a sure sign he should be sleeping.  By the time we got to the dancing, he'd already had a full day.  First we met Quita, Uncles Rick and Jonathan and Aunties Elena and Helena at the Farmers' Market in the SF Ferry Building.  There Aiden sampled all the fruit he and his Dada could get by flirting with the ladies giving out samples.  He also had a workout pushing a cooler (twice his size) here and there, including under a truck.  

The plan was for him to nap on the way to the market and he did, sort of, but only for 20 minutes - hardly enough to keep him going the rest of the day.  He's tired and cranky but in classic Aiden style, he's still able to find a moment for fun.  

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