Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aunties and Uncles: Laughing

Sadly it seems that Chocolate-Daddy has taken a temporary Chocilla hiatus.  Feel free to let him know how much you miss him!

In the mean time I want to share more about our exciting summer.  Two of Aiden's Aunties visited us from overseas:  Auntie Pam from India and Auntie ChiChi (and Uncle Adam) from New Zealand.  Even better, they over-lapped  for a couple of days.  Aiden was very fond of both his aunties and we have some great pictures of our time together which I hope to share in future posts.  

This video shows Aiden trying to imitate Auntie Chichi's wild laughter.  The first couple of tries knock him over.  Later he gets the hang of it and actually braces himself by hunching down.

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