Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Small steps for Baba, giant leap for Mama

Aiden has been practicing his walking the last couple of weeks. Smart kid that he is, he figured that the best place to practice walking, is the bed and not the hardwood floors. When I'm trying to put him down to bed he does this thing where at first he stands up using me for support and then slowly lets go. He then tries to stand for as long as he can on his own before falling on his bum. Once he got comfortable with that, he incorporated a few small steps into this exercise. He has since gained enough confidence to try it on the floor.

Just the other day I got home from work and he was really excited as always to see me. He was sitting with his Mommy on the floor, so I sat a couple of feet opposite from them. The next thing you know, he lets go off his Mommy and walks up to me. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly that we both started looking at each other with OMG written on our faces. And then off course he got this huge adrenaline rush and could not stop walking back and forth from one end to the other until he had completely exhausted himself. We were too excited and caught in the moment to even think about recording it. Fortunately it's almost become a routine and we finally managed to get it on film.

Since the time he started getting mobile his independence streak has started to show up a bit. He no longer sits in a place and cries like he used to. Now when he needs something, he just crawls over to us and demands attention. This has made life a little easier for Mama in one way because she can let him play on his own while she attends to her very important chores (mostly playing with her Mac). But of course it has opened up this whole other world where nothing is safe from him anymore. He's putting our minimal child proofing skills to some serious test.

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