Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exploring the capital of the free world

Some more info about our recent trip to D.C. A week before we left there was a heat wave going on there but the much respected weather people had assured us that it would get more pleasant by the time we got there. Either they got it completely wrong (as usual) or the bay area fog has turned us into complete weather wimps. It got so unbearably hot that we could barely stay outside exploring the monuments on the national mall for more than a few minutes. But when you are on the mall, you can't help but feel a certain sense of patriotic fervor that you are bound to weather the elements to do the customary pilgrimages to some of the famous sights. Also, since we are required by law to document every living moment of the kid's life, we had to take him to see the white house in case he decides one day that he wants to be the leader of the free world.

When things got a bit heated (literally & figuratively speaking), we scurried back to either the relative safety of the shaded trees or the luxury of D.C.'s umpteen air conditioned museums. At a certain point Aiden had had enough of being caried all day in the baby carrier and decided that all he wanted to do is squat on the ground and interact with random people passing by.

While were were in D.C., we made a side trip to visit Eli (a.k.a. Surant from Goa) in Richmond. At first Aiden was a bit suspicious of Eli and kept a safe distance away from him (Can you blame him?), but then as time progressed, he slowly warmed up to the Surant. We went window shopping at the boutique shops on Cherry avenue in Richmond and had some sushi & gelatos. Aiden's still not allowed to have any sugar, so he was not all that thrilled about it. With wonderful role models like these, we don't need to worry about the kid getting off the wrong track, do we ?

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