Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hamara Chotu Desi Babu (Our Little Indian Man)

Aiden's Auntie Baizine lives in India and they have not yet met though they talk on the phone all the time. She's so enamoured with her new nephew that she made her brother (Lac) change his skype profile picture to one of Aiden so she could look at him when they talk instead of Lac. It's sort of a long distance version of everyone greeting the parents only after they have oohhhed and ahhhhed over the new baby.

A couple of months ago Aiden's Granny, Auntie Baizine and Uncle Vijay sent us a package from India, no larger than a shoe box. It had been expertly wrapped by Uncle Vijay and there were an insane number of things in an impossibly small space. It took us a good 20 minutes to open. Inside we found 2 packets of cinnamon, 6 cricket bat grips, 1 grib applicator, a tender coconut and 2 traditional Indian outfits for Baba. OK, I'm kidding about the tender coconut but you get the idea.

Here's Baba modeling one of his Kurtha and Pants.

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