Saturday, February 9, 2008

The pear incident

Aiden has been on a strict diet of Mother's milk since he was born. He has recently started showing a lot of interest in 'people food' and has figured out that whatever it is that Mommy and Daddy are eating is a lot more interesting than his daily staple. He tries to have a go at everything that we eat. It hasn't quite hit him yet that maybe he needs to ease into it a bit and not dive straight into the spicy stuff. But he hasn't had much luck other than a lick of a banana during the holidays. Oh and then there was the beer chug the other day at Grandpa's, but we won't get into that lest child services gets on my case. All that changed last week on 'Super Tuesday'. I was holding him in my lap trying to follow the election results on the telly while working on a pear when suddenly Aiden went bananas for it (interesting pun that). Mommy has a well researched and thought out food initiation plan in place and I wasn't quite sure if a pear was one of the acceptable first foods, that too one that had been contaminated by an adult. I tried to reason with the boy but he would have none of it. He justwent for it and spent a good 5 minutes trying to do as much damage as he could. It reminded me of one of those films on the 'Animal planet' channel where you see tiger cubs get overexcited at their first feeding opportunity.

We are going to start him on real food preety soon and avocado is slated to be his first choice. His high chair has been set up and is ready to go. He seems to like it so far, we'll see how long that lasts.
Here's some video footage of the 'The pear incident'

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