Friday, February 29, 2008

Banana split for my baba!

After the ill advised avocado adventure we were a bit afraid that we might have inadvertently done temporary damage to his appetite. We had to think of a food that would be more amenable to his palette. After giving it a long thought of exactly 2 seconds we came up with banana as his next food. Off course to confirm with his AP Mommy's beliefs nothing but the choicest bananas from organic express would do.

Not only did he love it, but thanks to a rookie daddy, he almost swallowed the spoon. A little bit into the meal he decided that daddy was no good at his job and maybe I should take matters into my own hands. In this pictures it seems like he's thinking. "What am I doing with these impostors ? Where's my real parents ?"

I have been trying to upload this banana eating video for a while.

After four days of bananas we started him on sweet potatoes and these were a even bigger hit than the bananas. And as you can see he likes to get them all over himself.

Here's a video of a sweet potato feeding that doesn't start on a promising note but gets better later

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