Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bath Time Fun!

After watching Aiden being tortured with avocado, I thought it might be a relief to share pictures from a more happy moment. Bath time!

Aiden's favorite time of day has gotten to be more fun lately, especially since he can sit unsupported in the tub -the perfect position for tsunami-making kicks that cover everything (table, floor, dad) with water. It might not look like there's a whole lot of water in that tub but you'd be surprised...and Aiden is an expert at spreading it around!

He doesn't have any bath toys yet, so he spends most of his time playing with the one he was born with :)

Tummy Time used to be worse than avocado time. Now that it's so easy to roll over, it's kinda fun!

How is it possible for so much of the world's cuteness to be concentrated in one little package???

PS: Your prayers have been answered. We've given up on avocado for now and will try bananas this weekend.

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