Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's in a name ?

We have finally settled on a name for Chocilla. This subject has caused much heartburn for a lot of folks near and dear to us. Some people even thought that we were playing a cruel joke on the poor kid by naming him Chocilla :) A lot of folks were very disturbed that we didn't have a name for the little one. A family member even said "Why couldn't you have been like the rest of us and picked a name before he was born ?" Since we didn't know the sex of the baby before it was born, we picked 3-4 girl and boy names. We wanted to wait for the baby to arrive and see which of the names were a good match for his/her personality. And since this is America, we had to pay attention to a couple of different aspects of the naming tradition. What would be the nickname if any ? No one was going to call our little angel Dick or Chuck. What would be the initials ? One name was ruled out because the initials would have been SAD. As you can tell, a lot of thought and scientific research has gone into this important decision :) And the winner is 'Aiden Gabriel De Souza'

Aiden : Means 'Little fire'. It's a modern form of Aidan which in turn is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Aodhán. Chocilla may be little but he's already showing a lot of fire.

Gabriel: Means 'God is my might' It's a modern form of the Hebrew name Gavriel. Gabriel is the announcer of the birth of Jesus and according to Hebrew tradition Gabriel is one of the seven archangels. Both Mom and Dad really liked this name from day one.

De Souza: It means 'Coconut Boy' in Goa (just kidding). There is a village saying in Goa 'If you throw a stone, it will fall either on a pig or a De Souza'. Off course, this doesn't mean that De Souzas have anything in common with the source of bacon, except that they are both very popular in Goa and by popular I am referring to numbers.


  1. What a beautiful boy...and a great name. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

    Tania and David

  2. Oh MY!! :-) You guys are going to be the best parents... soooo cuuutee!! soooo excited for you!! Can not wait to meet Aiden!! lovelovelove

  3. Happy 1-week birthday, Aiden Gabriel! Love the name!

  4. Hey there, Congratulations - Aiden is adorable!!