Friday, July 27, 2007

The most sought after stats in the world

I had noticed that whenever new parents sent out the message of the new arrival, they include all the stats of the baby. I used to wonder why people always shared the weight and height of their babies with everyone. It didn't seem like it served any purposed to the general public, so I decided to leave that out when it was my turn. But I can't tell you how disturbing it has been for so many folks. That and the fact that we still don't have a name for the baby. We still haven't decided on the names, the list has been shortened to three and we'll pick the final two in a day or so. But for those of you who felt incomplete without knowing Chocilla's vital stats, here you go. He weighed in at a very trim but muscular 6 lbs 12 ounces and measured a solid 18 ". So now tell me please, is he going to be a good candidate for the Olympic swim team ? All I know is that this dude's gonna play cricket with me when he grows up :)

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