Saturday, July 14, 2007

What we know about Chocilla...

After 9 months we know very little about this person who will change our lives forever. In fact we know more about what we don't know...

We don't know the baby's sex. Lac thinks girl; I think boy but have been having doubts the last month so lately I've been generally confused. Almost everyone we talk to has a strong scientifically based opinion.

Did you get morning sickness? No. Which means girl.
Do you like sweet or sour? Sweet. Also girl.
Are you prettier or uglier pregnant? Ummmmm...not sure....let's just assume prettier. Boy.
Are you carrying long or wide? Ummmmm...not sure but I can't see my toes. This one can go either way...boy or girl depending on the commentator's cultural background.

We don't have a name. We have a top-secret short list. 3-5 girl names and 3-5 boy names. You have no idea how disturbed people are by this. The uber-secret list was recently shared with the 15 year old pool attendant (I won't tell you if it was in San Bruno or San Mateo) after an extensive back-ground check to make sure she didn't know anyone we knew.

Chocilla likes to play footsie at 7 am in the morning. (We will remind him/her of this in 15 years when Chocilla thinks 11 am is way early!)

Chocilla's a pretty chill and cooperative baby and is more of a stretcher than a soccer player. He/She has been head down, butt left and feet right for months. I can tell because feel hiccup taps in the same place every single day.

Chocilla squirms (with delight?) when I sing Kumbaya (pretty much the only long song I know). Don't hold this against Chocilla, we're counting on the rest of you to make sure that our child is exposed to better singing and more diverse tracks.

Chocilla gets really still/quiet when anyone who isn't Vanilla-mama tries to play with him/her. You have to be a little stealthy if you want to feel this baby move.

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