Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm pregnant!

Even though it would have been an accurate statement coming from me, I wasn't the one who shouted "I'm pregnant!" at the dinner table the other night. It was Baba showing off a napkin crumpled under his shirt. He was delighted to finally have a bump on his tummy like mine. Dada and I took turns feeling the "baby" in his tummy kick and admiring how quickly it had grown. At one point I asked him how the baby was going to come out and he said through his popot (penis in Konkani).

It was so funny I ended up taking lame, out of focus pictures instead of the video I wanted. By the time I figured out the error, Aiden was on to us and when we asked him "what's in your tummy?" he said "a napkin!" Duh!


  1. Cute :)

    That hair is wild cute too.

  2. I played this half a dozen times...just to hear him say " naaaapkin':) He is handsome by the day!!!