Saturday, April 17, 2010

Body Talk

There's been a lot of body talk around here lately. Both because Aiden's getting to a stage where he's more curious about his own body (and ours) and because we're trying to prepare him for the baby coming this summer. We've been having where-did-I-come-from conversations and about a month ago I showed him an amazing book about fetal development with photographs of every stage. I showed him pictures of sperm and an egg and told him these were parts of the Mama and Dada that come together to make a baby. Then we didn't talk about it again for a long time.

Last night Baba asked Dada to read him the baby development book. I overhead them from the other room and Baba was explaining to Dada.....This is an egg. It's for making a baby....Not for eating.

Also last night, I went out so Baba and Dada were on their own. Baba was missing me and said, Mama, hold me! Dada said, OK I'll hold you. Baba gave him an I'm-not-stupid look and said "Where's your pepet??" (That's vagina for those of you who are not up to speed on Konkani slang.)

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  1. Aiden is a crack up.

    I am glad you can read the blog now too.