Friday, February 12, 2010

You are some dog!

Another story about the perils of Aiden's very fertile imagination. A couple of days ago we gathered together for dinner at a really nice Burmese restaurant to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. Which by the way Aiden was quick to remind us was back in January. I guess it was his way of letting us know that we were slackers. We were joined at the dinner by Gideon, a friend of Helena's who Aiden hadn't met before. After a quick up and down look and a couple of questions, he quickly decided that Gideon was cool enough to hang out with him. He spent most of the rest of the evening hanging out with Jonathan & Ashley who are his heroes. Every now and then he'll pull a new trick on us and when we ask him, 'Who taught you that ?' He'll say 'Uncle Jonathan & Aunty Ashely taught me that. Mama and Dada teach me nothing'. We knew he absolutely adores Ashely but we had no idea that his adulation went a little beyond that until we saw Ashley's face turn pink after a little conversation with Aiden. He pulled the famous 'I showed you mine, now show me yours' trick on her. He didn't understand why Ashely couldn't return the favor after he had pulled his shirt up and showed off his nipples.

A little later on he decided that he wanted to be Orio (Cousin Ethan's dog). He then went around the table assigning dog names to everyone else. Mama was Emma, Ashley was Anokie, Jonathan was Marius and Aunty Helena was Eponine. Next in line were Gideon, Grandpa & Dada. Knowing that he had exhausted all the dog names in his vocabulory, I was very curious as to what would happen next and absolutely dreaded the thought of what name would be assigned to me. Remember that I have personal trauma from a previous episode of his imagination going wild (Dada-Under the bottom where the poop comes out). So he thought for a moment, pointed to Gideon and said 'You are some dog'. That was his way of making Gideon comfortable I guess. Then he pointed to Granpa & Dada and said the same thing. You never know what's going to fall out of his mouth next, so I was relieved that he didn't point to me and say 'You are dog poopie'. Phew!

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