Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday - They will have cupcakes

Aiden just loves going to birthday parties and it's not just because there'll be a ton of kids to play with. If you tell him that there's a birthday party coming up, the first thing that he'll say is 'They will have cupcakes'. After all the playing, jumping and running around portion of the party is done, he'll start to ask about the cupcakes. He's got his unique way of eating one. Start with the frosting and then work his way down. Nothing else make him happier than eating cupcakes, except may be dump trucks. Here's a couple of pictures of him enjoying some sugar at Andrew's birthday party.


  1. FUUNNNYY! Reese is obsessed with cupcakes too!!!

  2. i think i see pump it up in the background. my kids only eat the frosting and ditch the entire cupcake. have you tried muffin tops from panera?