Monday, July 6, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge

On a recent trip to Grandma's house, Aiden discovered the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only is it beautiful, but you have to go through a tunnel to get to it and then you go through *another* tunnel coming off it, a rainbow tunnel no less. Who could have conceived of such a wonderful route?

Aiden then requested that Mama build the Golden Gate Bridge at home. I was pretty proud of the result.
Enter Dada and things got competitive. The bridge was reinforced. The towers made taller with a dinosaur at the top. Ramps were added (I take credit for the ramp structural design but Dada perfected the technique of smoothing the surface so the cars didn't have such a bumpy ride.) Not unlike the real thing if you ask us.
PS: Look closely at the picture you'll see Dada (in helmet and blue sweatshirt) and Aiden on the bridge. After we had so much fun building it, we decided to ride our bikes across it.

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  1. We're so missing being able to bike across the GGB. Or at least hanging out with friends somewhere near the GGB...