Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Remember when Aiden was just a few hours old...

This is Aiden ONE YEAR (!!!!) and a few hours old!

It boggles my mind to think that its been a year since he was born and forever changed our lives. A whole year! Those of you paying attention will realize that he actually turned a year a week and a half ago....a whole year! We had a picnic party to celebrate and many of his play group friends joined us for a sort of super play group in the park. Aiden had a great time and his first party was a smashing success....except for the part where a group of Iraqi women infiltrated our reserved site. Uncle Jonathan and Grandpa diplomatically worked things out but my karma probably took a hit when I arrived 5 minutes before the party started to see them still using the grill....but it was my baby's birthday and he was turning a whole year old!

Before I degenerate into are pics from Aiden's very first birthday...

This picture is of Quita holding Aiden while he wears a traditional Indian outfit sent by Granny all the way from Goa. Though he looks adorable in the kurtha, he was decidedly NOT fond of it which is why Aiden did not wear this outfit to his party....

Happy Birthday Aiden....we love you!

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