Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aunties and Uncles: Multi-part series

Aiden is blessed with no less than 6.5 aunties and 5 uncles.  Sadly most of them live far away.  This summer we have been lucky enough to have a steady stream of uncles and aunties come to the bay area for a visit.  We're have great pictures of Aiden getting to know his family but are so behind on sharing them that this post is only the beginning of the uncle and auntie series.  

It all started with Uncle Rick who visited from Philly in June.  Uncle Jonathan and almost-auntie Ashley from So-Cal where there too.  They were so taken by Aiden that they decided to move north....Ummmm, so it didn't quite happen like that but Jonathan and Ashley ARE temporarily living just a bridge away in Marin.  We encourage the other uncles and aunties to do the same though they probably shouldn't all move in with Grandpa.

Diaper changes are way more fun with personal baby entertainers.

Hanging out with Grandpa by the pool.

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