Thursday, May 1, 2008

A rascal already

It hit me that I was in for a long 18 years when I realized that, at 9 months, Aiden is taking a cue from his cousin Christian and is already outsmarting his mama. Although he has become a great eater, Aiden still gets a bit of yummy stuff on his chin when he eats. So, he gets a spoonful in the mouth and then a spoon scrape on the chin to pick-up all those good left-overs so they can be reinserted in his mouth. Sounds fun! Right?

Aiden thinks so now when I try and feed him he simultaneously closes his mouth and jerks his head away from me so he's looking over his shoulder. He stays that way until he's ready for more food. If I try and scrape when he looks back, he tucks his chin down so I can't get to it.

Not only does this make it really hard to get any food in his mouth, it has the added benefit of rubbing it all the places that a bib doesn't his shoulders and neck. It's a good thing he so darn yummy.

Here's video evidence of the rascal behaviour. Don't mind the loud chatter in Konkanni, his Auntie Gunush from Bangalore was on Skype at the time and whenever she sees Aiden, she can't help but scream!

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