Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aiden and Audrey out on the Town

Aiden and his friend Audrey had a blast on a recent trip to San Francisco. Highlights of the trip were flirting with random people on BART and hanging out in Justin Herman Plaza.

Watching babies play together (aka steal from each other) is endlessly entertaining....

Here's the back story: Audrey's mama Alex has packed way more toys than Aiden's mama. Aiden takes a liking to her stuffed chess piece and Audrey is temporarily distracted with my camera case. A reminder, if you needed it, babies are not stupid and think the non-toy things that we use are so much cooler than baby toys.

It seems to be working. The camera case is particularly yummy....

Audrey realizes she's been had. Why settle, when she can have the camera case AND the chess toy? Watch her in action.

Audrey licks her chops as Aiden oogles her chess toy.

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