Friday, January 1, 2010

How to take a great family picture!

We hope you had a great holiday season with your loved ones. We had a blast as well. We are currently in Philly bonding with Aiden's newest nephew Ethan, who is just an adorable little boy. We'll post more of our holiday pictures in a later post but just wanted to share our holiday family picture with you. You should have received it in your mailbox by now and if you have not, it's because we don't have your street address. Please send it across so we can include you in next year's mailing list.

This picture came about after many unsuccessful tries at different locations. With the holidays fast approaching and no family picture in sight, we were beginning to get a bit stressed about the whole thing. So we finally called in the FPSF (family picture special forces). The FPSF team included, Aunty Helena - the resident artist photographer extraordinaire, 'Uncle Jonathan' - Aiden's hero and all around cool dude in charge of mood setting, Aunty Ashley - excellent mood setting assistant and Grandpa - resident expert in charge of documenting Aiden's entire life for future generations. Here's a picture from Grandpa illustrating the elite FPSF team hard at work.

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