Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter festivities

Last time around Aiden was too little to partake in any of the Easter festivities and hence the celebrations were limited to doing things around the house. This year though things are a bit different. He gets overly excited by any animal costumes and so we were sure he'd be pretty psyched to see Easter bunnies running around the place. We went to a couple of different places where he had a chance to indulge in Easter related activities. First up was a picnic at a Mom's club in our neighborhood. They had a few activities lined up to keep the kids interested including an entertainer but as you can see Aiden was more interested in checking out the various wheels in the house. He eventually warmed up the celebrations when the entertainer started singing his favorite songs.

Things started getting more interesting for him when we moved outdoors to start the Easter egg hunt. It took him a little while to get used to the concept of collecting eggs in his basket and at first had to be coached by Mommy. Eventually he got the hang of things and collected a few eggs. All the kids were around the same age as him so there was very little competition. It was nothing like the next hunt that we went to, more on that a little later.

The next event was a big party was over the weekend in downtown San Mateo. Having never been to it before we had no idea about the scale of the event. They had lots of different types of activities planned to keep the kids busy. Things like puppet show, sack races, wagon parade, egg hunt etc. Thanks to Aunty Helena who too the initiative to start decorating Aiden's wagon while baby sitting him on Friday night, we managed to put something together very quickly to take part in the parade the next day. Again Aiden was more interested in checking out all the other wheels at the parade instead of getting in his own wagon. It was only when his dear friend and super cute kid 'Hope' got into the wagon did he show any interest. The Easter egg hunt at this place was a complete riot and a bit overwhelming. They didn't separate the kids into different age groups, so we had over 100 kids from the ages 2-10 all competing for the same eggs. There was no chance Aiden was going to get a single egg at this event so Daddy had to get a little creative and grab a few for him. We even had some kids steal these when we tried to enact our own little egg hunt for Aiden. That's how bad it was and the Parents weren't very helpful either. It was just a quick preview of how competitive it's going to get when we start little league :)

We also had another celebration at Quita's house where Aiden has no one competing for his eggs which he enjoyed a lot. More on that in a latter post when I am able to load the pictures on my laptop.

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