Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Time is slipping by and I never posted Halloween pictures.  

Aiden was a giraffe this year.  While he's obsessed with hats, he doesn't like wearing them.  He likes it when other people wear them.  So, I didn't have high hopes for his Halloween costume which had a hood.  We bought it early and put the costume in his toy box.  The first time he wore it, I got out every book I could find with a picture of a giraffe.  I put the costume on him and took him to the mirror and excitedly compared him to the pictures.  I wasn't sure he got it but he was happy to wear the costume and even asked us to put the hood on every once in a while.  That night, Quita (grandma) came by to babysit and he actually showed her the pictures of giraffes and wouldn't let her turn the page.  Then he pointed to his costume.  It was one of those "Ah-ha!" moments.  He gets it, he gets it!

Since then the costume is a favorite.  He brings it to me when he wants to put it on and is so excited to wear it.  

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