Thursday, September 4, 2008


The smile says it all.  Aiden has graduated from tooth to teeth.  Actually, he's had *teeth* for two weeks but whose counting.  He's figured out they are used for something which is pretty cute.  

This photograph, while adorable, is unfortunately not rare these days.  Every day, usually at least twice a day, Aiden looks like this.  Meal time is perhaps my greatest challenge as a mama lately.  Aiden's hair is very, very hungry and he tries to feed it regularly.  I've also started feeding without clothes because he wont wear a bib and ruined so many of this 9-12 month onsies.  Now I know better.

After his meal, I pick him up, march him to the bathroom and give him a quick sink bath.  He tries to grab me because he likes to share, I try and keep him angled away because I like my food on my plate.....Sigh....

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  1. It's no wonder that Aiden's hair is so hungry - look at the size of those curls! :)