Monday, November 19, 2007

A comb over and a hat

Aiden was born with a lot more hair than most babies, but it's not filled out yet, so its perfect for a good old fashioned comb over. He's going to love his mommy and daddy when he grows up and realizes these pictures were posted for the world to see :)
Our doula made this eye catching hat for him. It drew quite a lot of attention at our local sushi place. He doesn't usually like hats but somehow this one doesn't seem to bother him too much. Which is good, because today Mommy got called out for taking him for a walk in the neighborhood on a cool day without a cap. It's funny how perfect strangers come up to you and start offer parenting suggestions. I guess they must think 'these rookies need advise'. We've had some folks who think nothing of lifting the blanket to take a peek at the baby. It's really weird when they do this and he's nursing :)

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